Windows 8

The jury is still out for me on Windows 8. I can’t seem to warm up to it, but I suspect it’s because I am old and set in my ways.

I do like some things about Windows 8, but the things I dislike totally out number the likes.

I hate those gaudy tiles. They are just too big and ‘in my face’. I guess they would be alright for a touch screen, but I don’t have one. A touch screen on a tablet is fine.  I can hold a tablet in my lap and look down and I don’t have to reach up to touch. Since I have some joint issues, reaching up to touch could give me problems.

As of this writing, Windows 8.1 is still on the not yet released list. I am hoping it will make me really love Windows 8, but not holding my breath. Seriously, those charms must be disabled when on the Desktop!