I have some programs that I consider essential. I could do without some of them, but my computer life would be more difficult. Some of these programs are free, like Evernote. I used it a lot until I found OneNote. Now I use OneNote and Evernote is slowly losing out. I managed to import all of my Evernotes into using a really cool program found here.

There are free office programs like OpenOffice and LibreOffice, but I use Microsoft Office. I used to think I had to have Outlook, as it managed so many things for me but I have found eM Client works almost as well without all of the frustrations of Outlook.

I need a good pdf reader, (Adobe Reader is too big, too full of security holes that need constant updating) so PDF-XChange Lite fills the bill nicely. I seldom print on paper anymore, I just print to pdf!

Since I still occasionally work on my website, I need my web editor, Expression Web. It is now free, which is great!

I also want to make sure all the junk is removed when I uninstall a program I no longer want, so I use Revo Uninstaller.   CCleaner helps clean all of the other junk like no longer needed temp files, internet cache and cookies.

I also use Macrium Reflect for backing up my computer, and Karen’s Replicator for backing up stuff I keep off site.

Note: I no longer use Karen’s Replicator for file backup as it is not compatible with my Windows 10 Creator. I am now using SyncBackFree.

My security programs are Windows Defender and Malwarebytes Pro.

I certainly have more programs, like Firefox (my default browser), Chrome and too many others to name here, but these are the essentials.