Perfect Disaster

Sometimes when I think I am fixing stuff, I manage to totally screw up.

My original website, Martha’s Web was so in need of updating I decided to just take it down. In the process I thought I needed to change my main account on BlueHost from Martha’s Web to MyNotSoPerfectPC.

I should have left all of this alone.

I had to re-install my theme for mynotsoperfectpc and all the customizations and plugins. And to make matters even worse, all of the image files were missing and a lot of them cannot be found. Links don’t always work and that is another pain to fix as I haven’t found all of those misbehaving links.

So if you are searching this site and things can’t be found or are wonky and don’t make much sense, this is why. I am trying to fix it, but it is likely to never be the same.

Before the disaster I made my web site looked like this:

The images don’t show, as I found the site picture on the waybackmachine, and the snapshot didn’t include the images.

I just can’t seem to restore it back to this.  I suspect files are corrupted somewhere, but I have no idea where.

Lesson learned. ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’