My Not So Perfect PC

Every now and then I make a decision rather in haste.  When I chose my new domain name, the one I really wanted wasn’t available so I thought long and hard and finally came up with  OK, maybe not the best choice, but I bought it and here it is, just waiting for me to fill it up with lots of posts.

Since I bought a new domain, why not get a really cool WordPress theme to use? I searched and searched and finally found this one and bought it, for two reasons.

I liked it. Nothing fancy, just a clean look.  The site I bought it from said it was easy to use.  I need easy.

So now I am finding ‘easy’ has more than one meaning. Easy for some folks, but not exactly easy for me. I first installed it on my computer and the light is finally coming on after a LOT of playing, doing and undoing.

The learning how is not as swift as I would like, but getting there.  Stay tuned!