My iPad

Tablets, tablets, everywhere.  So many to choose from! A lot of them are really nice and not to pricey either. Most of them are able to do just what you want. Surf the web, read email, play games, and on and on.  I like to read ebooks. I have a Nook app and a Kindle app and I also read some magazines.

I got my first iPad when there was only one version, just plain iPad.  Then there was iPad 2, but I didn’t see any reason to jump right in and get that one. It did have a built-in camera, but I have a camera, so I didn’t think I needed it.  After all these iPads are not exactly cheap.

But then they came out with an iPad with a retina display. I looked at one in a display at BestBuy and I decided right then I needed one of these babies! My eyes are not what they used to be and anything that helps me see better is definitely something to consider.