The Quick Access Toolbar in Outlook 2010

Of all the programs Microsoft has made, my very favorite is Microsoft office’s Outlook. I got hooked on Outlook way back in 1998 when Microsoft made it free (because Outlook 1997 was so bad). Since then I have always used Outlook, even though later versions have not been free. It is in fact rather pricey especially when there are so many good free email programs available.

But Outlook manages my life.  The reminders alone make it worth while to me. It tells me when my doggy needs her monthly heart worm medicine. It tells me when it’s time to take my daily vitamins, and it tells me a host of other things.

All those ribbons in Outlook are a bit daunting at times, but the Quick Access toolbar makes the ribbons work for me.

(Click images for a larger view)


To add just what you want to the Quick Access toolbar, in Outlook click File, then Quick Access Toolbar.

Then add the items you want for easy access.

Once you have just what you need on the Quick Access toolbar, you can hide the ribbon for more room for reading email.

I have tried to find a program that will work for me that is free. There are lots and lots of email programs that are free and lots more that aren’t free but not so expensive as Outlook. Some are pretty good, but so far I haven’t found one that would really work for me.