The Easy Way To Back Up Email

As an email pack rat, I totally understand the overwhelming need to back up all that email you have been saving for umpteen years, whether it’s in your email program on your computer, or resting somewhere on the web in a web mail server.

The folks still using Windows XP’s email program, Outlook Express, are starting to panic (with good reason) about all of the stored email in Outlook Express that they just can’t bear or afford to lose. OE as it has come to be known is rapidly failing on a lot of computers. It is no longer supported and is easily corrupted. Microsoft never explained easily to users how to maintain OE.

Enough about Outlook Express, except to tell folks how to back it all up to move easily to another computer.  Use Mail Store, free for Home users.

I originally put Mail Store on a Desktop PC with Windows 7. I mainly just wanted to see how it worked so I backed up mail from Outlook,  Thunderbird and Windows Live Mail.

This was so easy!

When my Desktop died, I copied the Mail Store folder to my laptop. I really forgot about it until I looked for my Windows 8 Product Key and couldn’t find it in Outlook. Needless to say I sort of panicked and when I remembered I had a backup of my Desktop Outlook’s pst, I set up a new user profile on my laptop and created a new Outlook account. The missing Product key was found so I breathed easy.

Then sometime later I remembered Mail Store. I fired it up and guess what, there was an archive for my Desktop Outlook and there it was in the archive, my Windows 8 Product Key. I made this harder than needed, I should have checked Mail store first!

Now I am really ready to test this wonderful email backup some more.  So I told it to back up my web mail accounts and now all of my online emails are safely stored in Mail Store!

For anyone that has ever had their online email account hacked and lost it all, if only they had used Mail Store!