Learning How

I need to learn something new every now and then, just to keep the old brain cells from going stagnant.

I have two other blogs, one on blogger and another with my web host.  The one on blogger is old, seldom used and not much of a challenge. At the time I made it, that was what I wanted. The other blog (along with this one) is installed on my web host and it too is no longer much of a challenge and really not updated often. (For shame! But when I master this ‘editing/setting up’ theme stuff that may change.)

I also have a website that is getting a bit dated. It was new when Windows XP was new and focused on a lot of stuff that is not relevant to the newer versions of Windows, like Outlook Express.

I have just about decided that my next computer will be a Mac. I am tired of all the constant updating and trying to keep all of the malware at bay. I also don’t want to pay for a web editor for a Mac (too pricey!) so a WordPress site seems to be just the answer. I finally chose a theme fromStudioPress and now I have to learn how to use it!  (Keeping those brain cells working a bit harder than usual!)

So until I ‘get it right’, stuff will change, move around and probably get deleted.