My Desktop Icons

OK, I admit it, my Desktop gets a bit cluttered at times. However, it is MY Desktop and it is arranged the way I want it.

When I turned my computer on the AM, all was as it should be, icons behaving. Later for some reason, icons were scattered all over the place. Even the usually behaved Recycle bin was wondering around and I could not move them back to my preferred order.

I tried several things.

I right clicked on the Desktop and selected View.

I unchecked Auto arrange icons, didn’t help.

I Googled the problem and one site had the answer!

I went to Settings/Personalization/Themes. I clicked Related Settings.

I unchecked ‘Allow’.

Now I arranged my Desktop icons the way I wanted and they stayed put.

I don’t recall this setting being in Windows before now, but guess I didn’t need it until today!