Yahoo’s Mail

Yahoo’s neo mail looks nice, but doesn’t quite work the way the old Yahoo Mail worked. The way to get around just seems to be a bit harder. Their reasoning when asked seems to be to give users more space to read mail. Actually I think its so they can shove more ads in user’s faces, but since I don’t read my Yahoo mail on the web, I could/might be wrong.

In reality, I don’t use Yahoo mail much at all. I do belong to a lot of Yahoo groups, but since I wanted to read all my mail on my computer and Yahoo wouldn’t let me pop my email to my computer, I just changed my mail to my ISP’s mail a long time ago, back to the days when I was still using Windows XP and Outlook Express.

Recently I discovered that it is possible to download Yahoo mail to an email program on my computer by using IMAP instead of POP mail. I used Thunderbird, but most other email programs will work as well,

Today I decided to try something new using my Yahoo mail account. This is not a paid account and I have been led to believe I could not download Yahoo mail using POP. Imagine my surprise when I setup this account in Windows Live Mail 2012 and it downloaded all the mail, including the junk mail, in this account.  There isn’t much mail here as I don’t use it much. When I checked the server settings, I saw this:


I was really astonished. Has Yahoo finally relented? For many years Yahoo in the USA was the only major email provider to not allow users to download their email unless they had a paid account. Some folks got around this by using a third party program called Yahoo Pops, but most just read mail online.

Perhaps Yahoo finally decided the US users could be treated the same as other users? Or maybe Microsoft just added those settings?

Anyone know?