Connect Two or More Windows Computers Using Homegroup

Setting up a home network has never been easier than now, using the Homegroup feature first introduced in Windows 7 and also in Windows 8.

Start by first making sure each computer to be added to a homegroup has the same Workgroup name. To find out the Workgroup name, right click on ‘Computer’ and select Properties.

(On Windows 8 , right click on ‘This PC’ and select Properties.) thispc

If the name has never been changed, it defaults to ‘Workgroup’.


Windows 7


Windows 8

Each computer has a default password for Homegroup. On one computer open the Homegroup by going to the Control Panel and clicking’ ‘Homegroup’.


Copy or print the password on this computer and then Cancel out.


On the other computer/computers, open the Control Panel and click on Homegroup. On this computer select ‘Change the password’  and type the password from the first computer and save the changes.

2nd pc-settings

After each computer now has the same password for Homegroup, you can access each computer by clicking the name in Computer on Windows 7.

computer hp

Or ‘This PC’ in Windows 8.


How easy is that!