Adobe Just Doesn’t Go Away

Earlier this year I removed all Adobe software from my computers. I haven’t had Adobe Reader for a long time as I use a lighter, safer PDF reader.

Yesterday I was looking at ‘Programs and Features’ on my Dell 2 in 1 Notebook running Windows 10.

There it was, Adobe Flash! I sure didn’t intentionally install it, so how did it get there? I uninstalled it again.  I searched in App Data Local and App Data Roaming and deleted all Adobe and Macromedia folders. I looked in C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86) and deleted all Adobe and Macromedia folders.

I opened Regedit and did a search for Adobe and deleted the entries for both Adobe and Macromedia in HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

But then in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE I ran into a problem.When I tried to delete Macromedia in this Registry tree, I got the Confirm Key Delete warning ‘Are you sure you want to permanently delete this key and all its subkeys?’ but when I clicked ‘Yes’, I got ‘Error Deleting Key’ Cannot delete Macromedia. Error while deleting key.

I did a Bing search for ‘Error Deleting key’ and finally found this site:  5 Ways to Solve Error While Deleting Key Problem When Editing Restricted Registry

Hopefully, I won’t be plagued with this ever lasting Adobe again. But now I am wondering, how Adobe got back on my computer?

I decided to check my Windows 8.1 computer and there it was, Adobe Air! Again I deleted everything with Adobe and Macromedia and also could not remove it from the Registry!

Interesting enough, on Windows 10 Insider, there was no Adobe or Macromedia folders anywhere and none in the Registry.