Internet Explorer is Turned Off and Gone

I am using Window 10 Pro with Creators Update. Today I discovered Internet Explorer is no longer available on this computer.

I have been trying to install a cool Add-in, Collins Dictionary, for Microsoft Office 365, especially for Word.

I followed the instructions.

Easy instructions, but they didn’t work for me! I got an error:

So what version of Internet Explorer is on my computer? I looked for IE, but couldn’t find it! What gives?

Wow, Internet Explorer is turned off on my computer! I am guessing Microsoft wants me to use Edge instead of IE.

No matter how many times I check the box to turn Internet Explorer on, it doesn’t save.

I looked in programs on my C drive for Internet Explorer:

No ‘iexplore.exe’! So, Internet Explorer seems to be totally gone with some remnants left behind.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to enable Internet Explorer. I haven’t used IE for a long time, but I would like to use this add-on. However, I guess I will have to forego it for now.

I haven’t given up and will keep looking for a solution. Hopefully the app creator for Collins Dictionary will update the app to allow Edge as well as Internet Explorer.

I did manage to install Collins Dictionary on Word in One Drive and now I am wondering, how did that work?