Disk Cleanup

I have a small (by today’s standards) hard drive in my computer. It is an SSD with 256 Gigabit of space. I really don’t need a lot of space as I don’t keep videos and other space hogs of stuff on my computer.

However, I am ever mindful of how much space is being used and I try to keep un-needed stuff deleted.

Since I just got the latest update from Windows, the Windows 10 Fall Creator, I figured I should run disk cleanup to remove all the files windows put there while it installed the update and are no longer needed.

I looked at my disk properties to see how much space was being used.

Then I checked C:\windows.old and sure enough there is a lot of space here!

I ran the Disk Cleanup using the option to clean up system files.

Now I have more free space!

But then I noticed a folder I just hadn’t noticed before:

This folder was created in April, when my computer was upgraded to the Windows 10 Anniversary update. I know I ran Disk Cleanup then, so what is this folder?

I was pretty sure it was install files no longer needed so I deleted the folder!

Now I have even more free space!

All told I freed up 51.2 GB! That is a lot of space almost a 5th of my drive’s total size.

Microsoft has added a ‘new’ feature to Settings, Storage. I suspect it really is the old Disk Cleanup with a new name and some added features.

The numbers seem to be a bit inconsistent with what operation is being performed, but right now I am happy with what has been cleaned.

I really like that ‘Delete temporary files that my apps aren’t using’, it cleaned a lot of files.