What Is Going On With Yahoo Mail?

Recently I have seen an unusual number of hacked Yahoo mail accounts. Doesn’t seem to be more for Gmail or Outlook.com, so what’s up with Yahoo mail?

Could it be the new Yahoo mail interface?  You know, the one with so many in-your-face-ads? The ads that sometimes cover you emails so you probably inadvertently click on one of them?

Apparently Yahoo doesn’t screen those ads for links to malware, so could this be the reason? I don’t use Yahoo mail much any more, even with a paid soon-to-be cancelled account.  If Gmail and outlook.com are more secure and they appear to be, why can’t Yahoo get more secure?

Yahoo won’t let US customers download their email to a program on their computers, so they get the ads.  Seems almost like an email hostage, just to shove ads at their users.  While ads pay for the server space for free email and we understand that, this is just ridiculous!

I suggest Yahoo mail users just quit Yahoo mail and get a more user friendly web mail! (One that does,’t cover your messages with ads!)

Update! I found out you can download your Yahoo Mail! Yahoo doesn’t make it easy for folks to find, though.