Set Up an Email Account

If you currently are using a Yahoo email account, you may want to change your email to another service like Google’s Gmail or Microsoft’s (previously Hotmail) becsuse of the Yahoo hacks.

If you decide on, here’s how.

First go to and click ‘Signup’. (To view the screenshots in a larger view, click on the images. To get back to the post, just click the back button on your browser.

Fill out the form:

Now you will see something like this:

Choose a theme, but you can just leave it without a theme.

Setup your signature: is easily customized. Lots of options available by clicking the ‘gear’ by your name.

To Access Calendar, Contacts and other Microsoft products, click that little box of colored squares on the top left:

Set your calendar up by clicking the Calendar box as shown in the picture above. can be customized so many ways. After you create your account, just play with all the settings until you have it setup the way you want it to be.