My Mantra: If it Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix it

I should practice this, but somehow or other I keep failing to follow my own advice.

Yesterday I failed again.

It all started with an update to CCleaner. After it downloaded and installed, I ran it. I always run CCleaner after an update. But this time I decided to clean more than usual. For Thunderbird, I chose everything and despite the warning about passwords, I went ahead with the clean. I knew the password for my G-mail account, so thought I would have no problem putting the password back.

Wrong!  Once I put the password in, I got this screen:

I clicked ‘NEXT’, nothing happened. I click More options, again nothing happened.

Now what? I couldn’t connect to my email.

I logged in to my G-mail account on line and click my icon on the top right and selected My Account. Then I selected ‘Sign in and Security’.

After clicking links and getting nowhere, I finally clicked ‘Apps connected to your account’ and got this:

I clicked Learn more:


Not much help there! So I clicked Google Account Help.

I clicked ‘Can’t sign in to your Google Account’:

I clicked this link <>

I clicked Continue and got this:

I tried again. Now when I clicked the Next button something happened!



Now I could access my account! Or so it seemed…

It kept ‘Checking password…’ spinning and spinning.

When I finally got tired of watch that Checking password… and minimized Thunderbird, this message was on the footer.

Thunderbird finally just crashed.

I then gave up on Thunderbird. I opened Outlook and added the G-mail account. In Outlook, all I had to do was add my user name and password and the mail started appearing in Outlook.

I came to the conclusion G-mail thinks Thunderbird is not secure. The next time I will think twice before removing passwords from something.  Once again I need to remember, “If it Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix it”.