Those Awful ‘’ Links

Granted, these links are supposed to protect folks from links to ‘bad’ sites. They are so long and garbled looking, how would I know if they are safe?

I expect that link is safe since it is attached to a Yahoo post (remember Yahoo got hacked!).  Ok how do I know Microsoft hasn’t been infiltrated with ‘badlinks’? Now I get gibberish and no way to tell if the site I am going to is safe!

This abomination cannot be disabled either, as advised here:
Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is ruining

I am almost tempted to cancel my Office 365 subscription, but it is happening on another email account in as well.

Right now, I am stymied. It is only happening with my Yahoo Groups. At first, I thought it was a Yahoo thing, but no it’s Microsoft.

I guess some folks need to be protected from phishing as no amount of education seemed to penetrate, but it should be up to the users to disable this beast.

In order to keep from getting all those ‘’ links in my email I went back to Yahoo mail for my groups. I added it to my eM Client and now the links are no longer gibberish, at least for now.