I never really liked Thunderbird, but since a lot folks use it, I decided I needed to use it to troubleshoot problems occasionally or just answer questions about how to accomplish stuff in the ’bird.

I recently had a bad experience with Thunderbird that caused me to uninstall it and go to Mailbird for my G-mail account.

I take it all back!

After testing Mailbird for a couple of months I decided it wasn’t really for me. As I indicated in a previous post about Mailbird, it does have some good features, but it is lacking in other ways that I consider essential.

I needed to use an email program for my G-mail account that wasn’t Mailbird so I decided to try Thunderbird again.

What a difference! I downloaded a new copy of Thunderbird and added my g-mail account. The entire process took less than 10 minutes, with no glitches. I did have to validate the account using two-factor verification, but that was it.

I wonder if somehow my original install of Thunderbird had a corrupted file and totally removing it with Revo-Uninstaller made the difference. I don’t know if Thunderbird fixed the issue that made G-mail think it was ‘not secure’ or something I did wrong before, but right now I am a happy camper with Thunderbird.