Not Recommended

I visit a number of tech related sites quite frequently. If I have a computer problem these sites can often have an answer that will solve my problem.

I have often noticed a link on some of these sites, but I have not investigated this link as I am generally focused on my problem and just skip over it.

Today I decided to check this link to see where it took me.

The link:

Malwarebytes said, “Oh no you don’t, bad site!”

Now I was curious, this was supposed to be a safe site and Malwarebytes has never had a problem with this tech site, so what is wrong with ‘fix Windows errors and optimize system performance’?

I searched for ‘’ and this is what I found.

Lots of sites are recommending it, but some are not.

Should I remove it thinks you should remove it if it’s on your computer. (This is a really cool site!)

The sites that are promoting it most likely are affiliates for this program. They tell you ‘Go here to buy TweakBit FixMyPC from the official store. It is currently available at $29.95. The scan is free, but to fix the issues, you will have to buy the software.’ No link here, if you want this program you can search for it.

Recommended by me:  Get CCleaner by Piriform and fix the issues for free.

Malwarebytes is not letting me go to due to the fact it is considered a ‘pup’, potentially unwanted software.