What’s Up, Google?

While trying to find a fix for ‘no iexplore.exe’ in my Windows 10, I encountered something odd. My search term was ‘Internet Explorer is missing in Windows 10’.

I normally use my default browser, Firefox, and use Google to search. I had searched and searched before, using various search terms like ‘no iexplore.exe in Windows’ and found lots of sites with ‘fixes’, but none of them actually worked for me.

Then I decided to search again. Since I had a lot of tabs open in Firefox I decided to search with Google on Chrome. On the first page of my Google search using Chrome I found this site on Technet Forums.

After I applied the fix I found on this page I begin to wonder, ‘why didn’t I find this site with all of my other searches?’

So, I tried the same search term on Firefox and the technet site did not show up. Was the site just not going to come up on Firefox? So, I tried the search again on Chrome and it did not come up. I cleared the cache on Chrome and tried again, it did not come up. I tried the search using Opera browser and it did not come up.

Just to make sure the site was still there, I copied the URL from OneNote (I save all fixes in OneNote), pasted the URL in Chrome and the site came up. It came up in Firefox.

I had the same results with Bing on Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera.

I decided to try another tactic and clicked on ‘Searches related to Internet Explorer is missing in Windows 10’. I clicked the first link here, ‘iexplore is missing from Windows 10’. And voila, the site came up.

Apparently, the algorithm in the search engines are looking for something different than the exact title or wording of my search term.

I tried search again using the following terms:

‘iexplore missing windows 10 ‘.

‘iexplore.exe missing windows 10’

Neither of the above search terms finds the site with the fix I needed.

Clicking the link ‘iexplore.exe missing windows 7’ does find the site. Note the windows 7!

I guess the lesson in this episode of searching, is keep trying.

The truth/fix is out there somewhere!