My Windows 10 Is Sleepy

I have no idea what happened to make Windows go to sleep so fast, but a few days ago, if I left my computer alone for more than two minutes, it went to sleep. Not only that when I moved the mouse or touched the touch pad to wake Windows, it went to the sign in screen. Windows didn’t do this before!

I don’t have any idea what caused all these changes. I did turn on Windows Spotlight, but that shouldn’t have caused Windows to get so sleepy or go to the sign in screen, should it?

These settings would be good if I was in a location like an office or any place with a lot of other people, but I am retired and the only people here besides me are close family members who never have bothered my computers.

Perhaps one of those sneaky Windows 10 updates made those changes, I have hread where an update has caused settings changes for other folks, but until now never happened to me.

So I started changing my settings back to the way it was. At leaset I tried. Simple matter to set it back to stop the sign in screen from popping up after waking. I just went to Settings/Accounts/Sign-in Options and changed it to Never.

Then the fun started (not).

I went to Settings/System/Power Options and changed everything to Never.

That should take care of things! But it didn’t. Every time I left my computer for more than two minutes, it went to sleep.

So I went to the Control Panel and chose Power Options there.

It made no difference. I changed the power plans, and Windows still went to sleep after two minutes.

I searched with Google and found quite a few other folks were also having the same problem with a sleepy Windows 10. There were a lot of answers that worked for some folks (not me!). Even that Registry hack didn’t work, although it did for some folks.

Then I read someone finally had to call Microsoft and the tech had to come into his computer and fix it. Now if it could be fixed by a tech, I decided I could fix it as well. I dug into those settings and finally found what I needed.

I went back to the Control Panel/Power Options and checked Change Advanced Power Settings.

There it was.

I clicked ‘Change Settings that are currently not available’.

Now I could edit the System unattended sleep timeout by clicking the minutes shown.

Now all is as it was before what ever I did to mess it up or a Windows update that changed my settings.

Don’t know why it took me so long to figure it out!