Exploring Windows 10 Fall Creators

After Windows installed the Windows Fall Creator Update I checked some of my favorite tech sites to see what I should look for, as in new and exciting stuff.

I found How to Protect Your Files From Ransomware With Windows Defender’s New “Controlled Folder Access” by the How-to-Geek and got just a bit too much of a hurry to make my files protected.

I protected them from me!  Lesson learned, read the entire article before making any changes!

What happened. I could not make any changes to my documents. I always have several Word documents in a process of creating blog posts. I hit the panic button until I realized what was going on. I decided I didn’t want to make all those exceptions, so just left Controlled Folder Access turned off.

Looking around, at first glance, there were two obvious changes, in the Settings main menu now there is a Windows setting for Phone and a Windows setting for Cortana. So far, I have just glanced at those and haven’t felt the need to go anywhere with either of them.

One thing new, this time after the update finished I didn’t have to install Malwarebytes.  After every previous update I had to re-install Malwarebytes and my favorite time waster, Spider Solitaire.

I guess Microsoft finally figured Malwarebytes is one of the ‘good guys’. As for Spider Solitaire, I am sure MS wants users to get Spider from the Store, previously named Microsoft Store.  I did try it, but it isn’t the same. So I just get those good old Windows 7 games from Winaero.

So now I am a happy camper and still finding stuff in the latest version Of Windows.