How I Setup a New Computer

Until I got Windows 10, the first thing I would have done is install a virus scanner. Now I just install Malwarebytes Pro and use Windows Defender. (If you would feel more comfortable using a different virus scanner, try BitDefender.)

I need to clarify something. Unless you are using the pro version of Malwarebytes, you should know it won’t protect you in real time.

Next, I download and install CCleaner and Revo Uninstaller.

Then I check to see what is installed. (Programs and Features) Hint: open Revo Uninstaller and uninstall programs here as Revo Uninstaller will cleanup stuff the unwanted programs may leave behind. CCleaner can also uninstall programs, but Revo cleans up better.

Anything by Adobe I uninstall, including Adobe pdf reader. I like PDF-Xchange Viewer but there are other options like Foxit Reader. Get Foxit Reader Free. On the downloads page, scroll down to Foxit Reader and click the Free Download button.

If Java is installed, that will go away as well. Uninstall Java Tool. Many newer computers may not come with Java.

Big hint! Some programs that might be installed on a new computer are better uninstalled using that program’s uninstaller that can be accessed on the program’s website. An example of this is for Norton’s antivirus. There is also a tool to remove McAfee. Antivirus scanners can be harder to uninstall than other types of programs.

I am not a fan of Edge, the new browser that comes with Windows 10. I download and install the latest 64-bit versions of Chrome and Firefox. After they are installed I install my favorite extensions to make them more user friendly for me.

Firefox Add-ons:

There are several of other programs I install, like Snagit.  Snagit isn’t free, but I think I need it.

I can read my email online, but I prefer to download email as it seems more convenient for me. So I download and install my new favorite email program, eM Client. (I really like eM Client!) Since I am an email pack rat, I get MailStore Home and use a backup to import all my old emails into MailStore Home.

As you can see from the image above, I have emails archived from 2007! I really am an email hoarder!

I also download the latest 64-bit version of Microsoft Office. I ‘could’ get LibreOffice, but I share my Office subscription with other family members so it is not expensive and I really like Word, Excel and OneNote. I used to like Outlook, but it just got too bloated and hard to set up the way I like. I still use Outlook, but only for a few accounts, just so I can keep up with what the softies are doing to Outlook.

I get SyncbackFree to keep my files backed up to external media and Macrium Reflect Free to back up my system.

After I get my programs I tweak and tweak until everything is just the way I want it.

Windows 10 is super cool. A lot of the older stuff that came with earlier versions of Windows are no longer there, but I have learned most of them are really not needed. If you think you still want these older programs check out this site:

Apps and Services You Need to Stop Using in 2017

To remove a lot of junk PC makers put on new computers, Get The PC Decrapifier. It does what the name implies.