Getting to Know You

‘Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.’

For me this is my new theme song about new programs or new versions of programs.

Every time Windows ‘upgrades’ to a new version, I must learn lots of new stuff, mainly where did Windows move things? That isn’t all Windows does, sometimes Windows adds things and sometimes Windows removes things.

My favorite email client, eM Client, isn’t new, but I just made it my default email program and there are still things I am ‘getting to know’ about it. Microsoft Outlook used to be my favorite email program but because Microsoft is constantly updating, changing and making things more complicated, it just got too much for me, so now it’s eM Client.

Then there is the ‘new’ Quicken. I hate it. The font size in the account list is tiny and I have a BIG problem trying to read it. The only way to make the font bigger is to use ‘Large” fonts. Are you kidding? Large fonts are so big everything moves off to the side and there is no way that I can find to scroll to see stuff.  When using Large fonts, if I close it and re-open Quicken, I get the nag screen to update to a new version and it comes up like this:

The only way to get out of this nag screen is to move the cursor to the upper left corner and click the itty bitty blue area.

I logged on to the new Quicken and it has a problem updating my checking account. Now I get this:

The old Quicken (before the new owner HIG Capital) had this same issue, but I don’t recall it wanting me to change my password. I just had to do I reset and start over with setting up the account to receive transactions. I had thought (foolish me) the new Quicken owner might fix this, but no they didn’t.

That is the last straw, Quicken must go.

I looked for a Quicken alternative and found MoneyDance. I had tried MoneyDance before and even purchased it, but Quicken seemed easier so I stuck with Quicken. However, I really can’t live with the new Quicken so MoneyDance it is for now. Just because there is a new owner of Quicken, they didn’t have to make that font thing happen!

After lots of visits to the online help for MoneyDance I am finally getting ‘to know’ it. Still some things to learn, but I am getting there! There was no nag screen to upgrade MoneyDance, in fact I got a free upgrade to version 2017! Quicken constantly nags to upgrade and it isn’t cheap either!

MoneyDance also has great customer support. I can actually email someone and get a response! No having to join and go to a forum like Quicken.