It’s Back! Internet Explorer Has Been Restored!

I finally got iexplore.exe back. I had searched and searched before but this time I found the answer. While searching I did find a lot of other folks had the same issue, but none of the other fixes worked for me until I found this one.

After endless searching using Google and Bing I finally found the answer to my missing iexplore.exe. I found it using Google on Chrome.

The Fix:

I opened an Administrator command prompt and typed (actually I copied and pasted)

‘OptionalFeatures.exe’ without the quote and pressed enter.

Windows did its thing, searching and applying and then had me reboot.

Now I have Internet Explorer on my computer, not that I will likely use it. But some things may require Internet Explorer to work.

I found the answer here: Technet Forums.

The truth is out there, just keep looking!