Fun With Firefox ‘Not’

Firefox has been my favorite browser for a long time.

Sometimes when browsers start acting up and nothing seems to fix the annoying issues, the only option is uninstall and start over.

Sites wouldn’t load correctly or at all, but they worked just fine on Chrome.


I disabled add-ons and when that didn’t help, I un-installed add-ons. After making Chrome my default browser I just decided to try a new Firefox.

Getting ready

I exported my bookmarks to a file, made note of all my extensions and uninstalled Firefox with Revo Uninstaller.

I had upgraded Firefox to 64 bit and then I saw in Revo I still had the 32 bit installed. I uninstalled both versions and downloaded and installed a new 64 bit Firefox.

Tweaking the new install

All my settings were gone of course, and I am still tweaking to make Firefox work for me.

To make Firefox work best for me, I enabled the Menu at the top of the browser:

Menu bar enabled.

After installing my must have extensions, setting my Home page and tweaking what I want Firefox to do:

Now I had to stop videos from auto-playing and asking for alerts.

Type about:config into a new browser tab

Click ‘I accept the risk’

Type ‘autoplay’ in the Search field

Stop Firefox asking for notifications (disable all web notification prompt)

Again, type ‘about:config’ into a new browser tab and click ‘I accept the risk’.

Type ‘notifications’ in the Search field and highlight/click ‘dom.webnotifications.enabled to change true to false.

I imported my bookmarks using the file I created when I backed up my bookmarks.

So far it is almost like I want it, but I am still using Chrome as my default browser.

I like Chrome! I would like it better if it had that menu bar at the top.