Chrome is Getting Too Annoying!

I recently made Chrome my default browser due to Firefox problems.

I always keep Chrome installed on my computers, you never know when you will need a second browser.  Edge is still being developed and is like an afterthought for me.

I was really beginning to think Chrome could remain my default browser until it updated to version 59.

What happened to Settings! Something called ‘Material Design’ took over Settings. I had to click, click, click to get to where I wanted to go.  Not cool, at least not for me. Did Google want to make users just give up and use the settings Google wants?

Fortunately, someone else didn’t like Material Design either and figured out a way to disable it, at least for now.  Winaero to the rescue!

Clicking on a link on from most places including is just too annoying! Chrome seems to think I might go to a site I shouldn’t by popping up with this little sucker:

If you click ‘trust’ you would think it wouldn’t ask again for this domain, but you would be wrong. If you want this domain to really be trusted, you need to go into Settings/Advanced Settings/Content and look for Manage Exceptions. If you haven’t disabled Material Design settings, good luck finding the right setting!

Clicking ‘allow’ will open the site and clicking background will also open the site, but you will need to click a tab to get to it. Just click and click again, too many clicks!

I know the powers that be for Chrome are just trying to make it safe for users. But when I try to go to ZD net and get this:

That is a bit too much.

Firefox is now my default browser.