My iPad-Same Song Second Verse

Back in September 2014 I had a big problem with my iPad.

After it was restored, I noticed sometimes it didn’t seem quite right, but nothing I could really tell what was wrong. Sometimes an app didn’t seem to work wrong, but that could have been the app, not the iPad.

It worked ok for a year and a half. Until last Friday. I turned it on and was greeted with ‘Hi!’ and it wanted me to set it up.

What the heck is going on with this iPad? So I proceeded to the setup process, but guess what, it wouldn’t let me login with my Apple id!

(photo taken with iPhone)

So I called Apple support and the same routine took place. The Apple tech had me give her the serial number and she said this iPad was registered with a really weird id, not mine!

So I guess I was right, something really wasn’t quite right after the first restore. Maybe somewhere my id had been corrupted? My son said sounded like maybe a programmer was testing and didn’t finish? Who knows?

I just hope I don’t have any problems with my iPhone!

Fortunately this time I had my saved copy of the BestBuy receipt for the iPad so at least I didn’t have to go back to BestBuy.

So after being transferred to second line of Tech support, I sent him the scanned copy of the receipt . I asked him if this happened very often and he said “All the time”.

So I waited until Monday for the email letting me know my iPad was reset, turned it on and managed to get it up and going. I am a bit concerned as it took a really long time to boot, so maybe this iPad is starting to fail.

I did not have any problems with my very first iPad, the first one Apple produced. Then I got my current iPad with retina display because I do have vision problems and it helped.

Now I am wondering if my next tablet may be a Samsung or even a Surface Book, although I can’t get some of the apps I like on a Windows system.

I suspect my frustration with all this is because when I have a Windows problem I can almost always fix it without having to depend on someone else.

I think when it comes to tech stuff I may be somewhat of a control freak.

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