More Web Site Stuff That Bugs Me

Back in December of 2016 I posted about Web Site Stuff That Bugs Me. Since then webmasters have found even more stuff that annoys me.

Videos that require Flash! Flash is constantly needing to be updated due to security holes. It isn’t really needed to view videos, as flash videos can easily be converted to HTML5.

When I see this for a video:

I just leave. I have no Adobe products on my computer except what Microsoft has included with Edge and that is disabled.

I hate scrolling windows for videos and social media icons following me down the pages. Too distracting and again I leave. Example on this site. The only way for me to view this page is to disable JavaScript and reload the page.

Slide shows. I find them extremely annoying. Unless it’s something I really NEED to see, I just leave. Unfortunately for me, more and more sites seem to be using slide shows. I am not sure why web designers think it is cool to make folks click and click to see content unless it is just a way to display more ads to the viewer. Since I use an ad blocker I don’t really know. It could also just be the designer thinks slide shows are cool. (They aren’t cool.)

It seems that once a web designer does something that other designers think is cool, a lot of others will copy the idea and make it part of their design. I can only hope some of these ‘cool’ ideas are fads and will eventually go away.