My Family Tree Maker


I now have my copy of Family Tree Maker 2017 installed.  After I finally found a way to contact FTM, I waited a long time but finally got a resolution. The customer service Representative had me try a different browser! And it worked! Who knew?

For those who may not know, Family tree maker is a program for genealogy tracking. It was originally offered by, a subscription-based genealogy research website.

I installed this program back in 2012 and upgraded it to the 2014 version when it became available.

It always had issues with the ‘sync’ process and eventually I stopped using it when stopped supporting this program as the sync issue wasn’t really working without a lot of troubleshooting.

Then took over Family Tree Maker and promised to make it better. They offered an update and FTM worked pretty good for a while.

With much ballyhoo on the part of Mackiev, they announced they were working on a new version, Family Tree Maker 2017. They offered a real deal I could pre-order the new version for only $29.95. Since the new product was going to cost $79.95 this seemed like a no-brainer, I went for it. This was in March of 2017.

Fast forward to July 2017 and the new version is ready!

I followed the instructions to download my new version.

I clicked the Verify User and then I got this:

Since I save everything I had my receipt and uploaded it and now I wait.

In the meantime, I opened Family Tree Maker 2014.1 and saw there was an upgrade available and dummy me, I clicked to upgrade. Later after the so-called upgrade, when I tried to connect to Ancestry I got this:

So now I don’t have any connection with Family Tree Maker and still no Family Tree Maker 2017. My Firewall isn’t preventing Family Tree Maker from accessing the Internet.

I suspect the last ‘upgrade’ was deliberately set to have no Internet connection just to persuade users to buy the ‘new Family Tree maker’ which as of this moment I don’t have but paid for it in March.

At least I can still manually input information into the working but not connecting to the Internet, Family Tree Maker.

I am still waiting!