I recently installed a password keeper called Dashlane.  After reviewing it for a day I decided not to keep it, as I really like Lastpass and Lastpass is free, at least for now. Hopefully it will remain free, but since it was purchased by Logmein, anything could happen.

I liked Dashlane and it could be a great replacement for Lastpass. There is a slight learning curve at least for me, but it is easy to use, and I am still considering replacing Lastpass with Dashlane. However, the biggest advantage to using Lastpass, (at least for me) I can login to Lastpass on any computer anywhere in the event my computer is not available. Dashlane also has this option but only for the premium version which is $39.96 a year. In addition, Dashlane uses U2F YubiKey for authentication instead of Authenticator. Authenticator is available for iPhones and Android in the app stores.

The advantage of Authenticator, it’s free and most of us always have our phones with us all the time. The apparent advantage of the U2F YubiKey is it is supposed to be even more secure, but it is a hardware device and may not always be handy. It also is not free.

There are a number of other password keepers, I hope you use one!

I am going to checkout some more password keepers in the future.