Clean Your Computer Scams

Have you ever gone searching for help for your misbehaving computer and found something like this on a ‘help’ site?

If you clicked that link you will be in for a disappointment. Oh yes, it is a free download, but after you install that free download and it scans your computer, you will have to pay to get all those things it found fixed.

And it found a lot of things!

Now you think you NEED this program to fix your computer!

Guess what, you don’t need this scammy program! Everything this program found you can find yourself.  Don’t Spend Money, Cleaning Your Own PC is Easy

However, there is a really truly free program, CCleaner, that will find all the same things this ‘Tweetbit’ program found, and it will clean up all those terrible things for free!

All those found files are just the ordinary things that Windows accumulates during everyday use. They won’t hurt your computer, but possibly over time they ‘might’ slow your computer.

Tweetbit’s program isn’t the only one out to get you to pay for something that CCleaner will fix for free. There is also a program named Reimage that operates mostly the same way.

If you go to Reimage’s site you will see a screen shot that is very similar to Tweetbit’s scan.

Again this ‘PC Repair Tool’ promises to ‘fix’ your computer, scans but demands payment before it will fix anything.

There are so many scams out there it’s hard to know what is good and what isn’t. I rely a lot on Malwarebytes Pro to warn me of scammy sites. It let me know in a hurry Tweetbit’s site is one to avoid.

It did the same for Reimage.

Unfortunately, the free version of Malwarebytes does not run in the background and warn you about scammy sites. But it will clean your computer of files these scammy programs leave after you uninstall them.

If you can possibly afford it, do get Malwarebytes Pro, It is well worth the money. And just so you know I am not an affiliate for Malwarebytes.