Installing Collins Dictionary in Word 2016

The instructions seemed straight forward. However, one thing led to another.

The fun began. There was no Enable Editing on my Word 365 ribbon. This should have been on a message bar, but there was no message bar. So now I think it installed and I didn’t need to ‘Enable Editing’ or ‘Trust’.

I looked at my add-ins, not there.

There was no My Add-ins on the View tab in my ribbon.

Maybe I could add it to the ribbon. I went to File/Options/Customize Ribbon

So now I had to create a Group!

I decided to add the Store while I was at it. So now on the view tab I have this:

I clicked the My-Add-ins and got this:

I clicked the Add button and got this!

I checked to see if it worked:


Why was this so difficult? Why were the instructions so far off base for me? Was it because I am using the 64-bit version of Office? Was there a step I didn’t see? I can only wonder. I tried three times to install this add-on before I finally decided to really see why it wasn’t working.


  1. I am very sad. I know if Karen were still with us, she would have ‘made it all better’ but sadly Karen is gone.
    This is an example of why sooner or later software almost always will need to be updated. Something in the new Windows 10 Creator prevented Karen’s Replicator from operating as it should.

    Yes, she would have, and we know what it is and releasing the tools again. — I didn’t receive any response last time, so I thought I would write again — I’m not sure’s spam blocking doesn’t block many email, but anyway… there is a work-around to make Replicator work right now with Win10 post Creators

    “Note: I no longer use Karen’s Replicator for file backup as it is not compatible with my Windows 10 Creator. I am now using SyncBackFree.” Did you really use it? 🙂