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My Crazy Email Obsession

Ever since the days when Outlook Express was the most used email program, I have been trying other email programs and experimenting with the various settings offered by email clients.

Outlook Express had so many different options I devoted whole sections to OE on my old no longer available web site, Martha’s web.  OE was a favorite of mine and literally thousands of other users. It came with Windows until Microsoft introduced Windows Vista. OE also had a lot of issues and was easily corrupted unless regular maintenance was performed.  Microsoft replaced Outlook Express with Windows Mail, which was a bit of a disaster.

I tested a lot of email programs.

Incredimail for those folks that like lots of colorful graphics, Evolution for Windows, Eudora (no longer available), Thunderbird, Pegasus mail, and many others I have forgotten about.

Microsoft Outlook was my favorite email program since Microsoft offered it free way back in 1997. But Outlook is now too big and has too many settings to work for me.

Of all the email programs I have tried, eM Client is the best for me. It is free for home users and you can have two email addresses in eM Client.  If you need more email accounts you can get the pro version.

I still use Outlook to a certain extent, but don’t have much email going into it. I just want to keep up with Outlook to see what changes MS is making.

I also use a program called Mailbird. This email client reminds me of the mail program Microsoft has included with Windows 10.  I am still in test mode for Mailbird. The jury is still out for me with this email program although I think it is a viable option.

Ever since my frustrating experience with Thunderbird, I no longer use the bird. There were a lot of things about Thunderbird that were good, but since G-mail decided Thunderbird wasn’t ‘safe’, I decided I didn’t need to use it.

I also decided I have too many email accounts and I am slowly cancelling most of them.

I use an email backup program that will back up all my email. This program is MailStore Home, free for home users. It is a fantastic program for folks like me, email junkies.