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Another Email Program, Mailbird

I am testing Mailbird, an email program. I setup two accounts in Mailbird, neither account receives a lot of mail.

It has a lot of nice features. it can be integrated with other apps like Twitter and other social media sites, but it has one big fault. It doesn’t download my mail, at least not right away. Once email is downloaded I must hunt for it.

I get a lot of mail from Yahoo groups and filter them into folders. Filtered mail doesn’t seem to show up unless I click on the folder for each group. There is nothing to indicate there are emails in the folder.

This really isn’t acceptable for me. An email posted Saturday didn’t show up until the following Wednesday.

Perhaps somewhere there is a setting that needs to be changed but I haven’t found it.

Initially all my mail downloaded just fine. It was a bit slow, but once the mail started downloading, it all came through.

Features I like.

Folders can be customized. It is easy to add folders.

It was easy to add my G-mail account. No hassle like trying to add G-mail to Thunderbird.

Easy to change the font.

Mailbird has Add-ons as well.


I can’t find a way to open the next email without clicking on it. No next or previous buttons seem to be there, but again maybe a setting somewhere I haven’t found yet.

Sorting incoming mail. I prefer the newest to sort at the bottom, but it doesn’t sort that way.  According to the FAQs for Mailbird:

How do I sort my emails?

Mailbird does not yet support the advanced email sorting, however, you can:

    Sort by Unread by grouping unread conversations on top of the Inbox

    Sort by Sender by searching emails from a certain user

I haven’t given up on Mailbird yet, but I still can’t recommend it to anyone. Still, it might be what someone else would like, but for me it just isn’t really working yet.

Mailbird seems to have a similarity to Windows Mail app on Windows 10.

Screenshot of Windows 10 Mail:

I am not a real fan of the Mail app on windows 10.

Screenshot of Mailbird:

I am guessing that’s why I really don’t like Mailbird. Too much like the Mail app on Windows!

I will continue to test Mailbird for now. I am getting more used to Mailbird and the more I use it the better I like it.  I suspect I am too used to Thunderbird. It certainly is nothing like Thunderbird or any other email client I have ever used. Except Windows 10 Mail, and I don’t use Mail enough to know.