eM Client vs Microsoft Outlook

This email program (eM Client) is my default email reader. I used Outlook for many years, but Microsoft keeps ‘fixing and adding stuff’ to Outlook until it is no longer an option for me.

Outlook.com is my main email provider. I have a lot of folders in Outlook.com so I can keep my email sorted. I like to keep my email downloaded to my computer, so a good email program is necessary for me.

With Outlook, I occasionally would lose track of a folder due to me having accidentally moved it to another folder. With eM Client when I accidentally try to move a folder, I get a warning!

This is something Outlook should do but doesn’t.

The Help files for eM Client are superb.

No searching and searching to find how to as Outlook requires. (There are hundreds of websites for fixing Outlook problems!)

I am constantly finding things that work better for me in eM Client. No problem sending HTML email to a recipient, no changing font sizes for just one area (I don’t know why anyone would want font sizes to be different in each area, but what do I know?) I think Microsoft just tries to make all those customizations so they can sell new versions of Office! Outlook is now harder to negotiate than Windows for me.

Those are just a few of the places I had to customize to be able to read email comfortably.

And no unexpected errors with no explanation when I try to send to a list.

I can use a theme in EM Client and there are about nine choices.  I could also just change the text color and background color but I like the dark theme, as evidenced from my screenshots.

I am finding more and more things to like about eM Client all the time.