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Mynotsoperfectpc WordPress Disaster

Before the disaster that bollixed my blog, I had downloaded the blog to my computer. That was what allowed me to restore most of what was lost.

I found most of the images in the wp_content-uploads, all nicely sorted by year and month. But for each of the original images there were thumbs images (all sizes) and other files as many as 11. Each file had to be checked for the original. The original file was just saved as (name of file).png.

I have made it a practice to keep a Microsoft Word copy of every post. I keep them stored in folders by year and month for each post. This enabled me to see which picture belonged to each post.

The folder path on my computer:

This was a long and tedious process and I hope to never need to repeat it. Now I also keep a copy of each picture in an images folder for each post. In the event another disaster occurs this will save me hours of reconstructing pages to the original state.

This shows all the images for ‘My Windows 10 is Sleepy.

The process was as follows. I opened each file for a post in the order I had posted them, using my previous saved files.

I opened each of the year and month is the saved wp_content-uploads and searched for the original picture.

Once I located the original image, I inserted it into in the partially restored post in WordPress by first removing the blank photo:


Then by uploading the picture using ‘Add Media’.

This process took many hours and days. I am almost certain there are still a few broken links and I have no doubt some issues will show up later.

This for instance: I get this error when I log on to my blog.


I can log on by clicking the Logon button again, but this didn’t happen before my disaster. then there is this: Once I log on the favicon for marthas-web shows.

Minor issues for sure, but still there and I haven’t resolved them yet.

I learned a huge lesson.

If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!