Goodbye to Karen’s Replicator

I used Karen’s Replicator to back up my files for years and it has always worked perfectly. It worked fast and I never lost a file. I never hesitated to recommend this program and always considered it to be one of my indispensable utilities.

Enter Windows 10 Creator and that changed.

I first noticed Replicator was taking a much longer time to run than usual. I usually set the backup to run and would leave it running while doing other things not on my computer.  This time it was taking way too long!

After my WordPress disaster, I did have a lot of new files so I made a backup and that is when I noticed the slow backup process. I suspected it might have been because I did have a lot of new files, but then I went on my merry way to other things. Big mistake!

The only thing that saved my newly created folders with files (and there were a lot of them) was the fact that I copied them to my backup external media. I copied them because copy and paste is really fast on my almost new laptop and I was in a bit of a hurry.

I am not sure when I noticed Replicator showing ‘completed with errors’. I admit, I had not made a file backup for a while. Not good, but there it is.

I decided to test Replicator to see what was going on. I set up a new folder in My Documents and populated it with the new folders. I then made a new folder on my external media, made a new job in Replicator and ran the job.

This is how it went.

At first it seemed to be going ok, but very slow.

When it finally completed it showed this! No warnings!

When I checked the backup folder on external drive, this is what I saw:

No files were copied.

I am very sad. I know if Karen were still with us, she would have ‘made it all better’ but sadly Karen is gone.

This is an example of why sooner or later software almost always will need to be updated. Something in the new Windows 10 Creator prevented Karen’s Replicator from operating as it should.

Now I was on the hunt for a new file backup utility. I do complete system backups with Macrium Reflect Free, but I need a reliable file backup.

I found SyncBackFree and it is just what I was looking for and it works great!