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Wi-Fi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration

I really like Windows 10, but there is one problem I still haven’t managed to fix.

Every now and then when my computer wakes from sleep the Internet connection (Wi-F-) is disabled.

I can fix this by going to Settings/Network and Network and running the Troubleshooter. But I want to find out why this keeps happening and I just can’t find the answer anywhere.

There are a lot of folks having this problem and mostly with earlier versions of Windows. There are a lot of answers but none of them have helped me.


When my Internet Connection is disabled, I go to Settings/Network and Internet.

There is where the Status is shown:

I click Troubleshoot:

TheTroubleshooter does its thing and this comes up:

“Wi-Fi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration”     Fixed.

OK that’s great, but I still don’t know why this happens and I want a way to prevent this from happening.

Maybe someday I will find the answer!