Setup a Gmail Account and Import Your Yahoo Mail

Since Yahoo accounts have been hacked, you may want to change from Yahoo to another email service like Gmail or outlook. com.

Try Gmail.

If you have a Gmail account, you can import your Yahoo mail into Gmail. If you don’t have a Gmail account, sign up for a new account.

Just follow the prompts.

Be sure to use a valid phone number.

Agree to the privacy and terms.


Once you have your account set up, you can import your Yahoo mail and contacts. Go to Settings:

Select Accounts and Import

Add your Yahoo email address here:

Add your Yahoo Account name again and click ‘Continue’.


Now click agree to the ShuttleCloud Migration.

Follow the verification process.


Now you can import all your Yahoo mail and contacts.

Once you click the ‘Start Import’ button the import will start. It can take a very long time if you have a lot of mail to import.

This is essentially the same process to import sbcglobal mail as Yahoo handles sbcglobal for most accounts

Note: Gmail uses Labels instead of folders.

When I imported my Yahoo mail into Gmail This is what I had. One of the labels on the side was the name of the Yahoo account I imported.

I am not a fan of Labels, but many users really like them. If you are familiar with folders in email you might try to use for your import instead of Gmail.