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Beware of Clicking Links in Facebook or Anywhere Else

Today I was browsing through Facebook and saw something that looked interesting with a ‘Learn More’ box and stupid me, I clicked it.

And this is what I got:

I couldn’t close this! I clicked OK, nothing. I clicked the x to exit, nothing happened. The tab would not close and I couldn’t go to another tab. The only way to get it to close was to go to Task Manager and close Firefox.

This is designed to panic users so they will call the number on this screen and then the scammers will attempt to sell their sleazy product and or steal credit card numbers.

Apparently this is not a new scam as it has been documented on a number of sites such as Hoax Slayer, one of my favorite sites.

Now I am trying to figure out how they get this file to block me from exiting my browser. The file is a picture file, jpeg, ping or other, but something is preventing it from being closed and I really would like to know what!

To avoid getting a malicious site by clicking a link, see where it’s going by hovering over the link and see what is showing before you click.