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Edge needs a lot of tweaking

I like Windows 10. In fact, I like it a lot.

One of the things Microsoft did with Windows 10 was to include a new browser to take the place of the old outdated Internet Explorer. I haven’t used IE in years except when Webmasters made it the only way their sites would work. (Naughty, web masters!)

I have tried Edge, but it just won’t cut it for me, at least not yet.

True, Microsoft has added some extensions and that has helped. But it still hangs too much. When I must use the Task Manager to get Edge to close, that’s not good.

I like the fact that Edge is using less resources on my notebook.

However, the real deal breaker for me is no way to stop those awful videos to blare up when I go to some sites. The only way to avoid those are to close Edge and just not go to those sites. Unfortunately, I go to some of those sites a lot and I can go to them without auto playing videos by using tweaked Firefox or Chrome.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to tweak Edge yet. But I am still hoping!

Now I am searching for ways to make Firefox use less resources.

Take note, Microsoft!