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Not so Funny Business with Outlook

When Microsoft converted my email to Outlook Mail, I had to reinstall my email Account. Not sure why, but I followed the instructions here and everything seemed to be working ok, except for my rules.

I had to delete them all and redo them. I had a lot of rules so that wasn’t fun.

Then a odd problem occurred.

I forward some emails on a daily basis to two people. Ever since my email was changed to Outlook Mail, one of my recipients did not get the message in graphics mode but in text with links.

Before the transition from to Outlook Mail, the emails were just fine.

If I forwarded the email from Outlook on the web, the mail went through as it should. But if I sent it through my Outlook client (Outlook 2016) it was received as text and links.

Since the recipient uses Gmail, I sent the same email that was sent to the recipient to my Gmail account and it went just fine.

I checked the settings in the other g-mail account, they were just like in mine.

I sent the email from Outlook Mail on the web, it was received as intended.

It had to be Outlook on my computer, but what?

How I solved it just goes to show sometimes stuff can get corrupted, changed or altered during an update.

I deleted the misbehaving senders email and re-added it. Once I re-added it, I got a popup saying something about another connection. (I don’t remember the exact wording). So I opened the contact and there was a very old email address listed in addition to the current address. So I removed that address and resent the email and now the email was received as intended to the recipient.

Since my contacts list have been imported to each new version of Outlook there is really no way to know exactly when this happened, but because of the old email address listed, it must have been there for years. Apparently Microsoft Exchange didn’t like it

Of course it could have been caused by  Microsoft by a glitch that picked up the old email address, but who knows?

Now I just have to find out what is causing this error when I try to send to a group contact.

Lots of other folks are getting this error as well, but haven’t found where anyone has solved it!

I solved the email address problem myself, guess I will just have to see if I can fix this one myself. Doesn’t happen online!