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Email Junkies (Hoarders)

I admit it, I am an email junkie or to put it bluntly, an email hoarder.

I don’t keep email on servers or in email clients. I keep them in an amazing free (for home users) program called MailStore Home.

So simple to use, backup and move to a new computer.

You just enter the information on the setup screen, click the profile and then click Run. MailStore Home will archive all your email, just Like that. You can search for emails very easily, using the really good search.

If you are an email junkie like me, the first time you run the program, it may take a long time to backup all those hoarded missives. But once they are all safely downloaded, subsequent backups won’t take all that long.

Run on a daily, weekly or whenever basis and MailStore will search for new emails and add them to your archive.

With all of the uncertainty about what will happen to Yahoo mail with the sell to Verizon, you may want to use MailStore Home to backup your Yahoo mail now.  Since Yahoo has been servicing some sbcglobal accounts, you may want to back up that email as well.

This is a really good way to backup your email. You never know what might happen to stuff on the web, and emails have been known to go missing when providers just suddenly close for no warning.

I know you’d hate to lose all those emails with links to cat videos!

Be safe, backup!