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Removing The Cobwebs in Firefox

For some time now Firefox had been ‘acting up’.  I had just figured it was the sites I was going to even though they worked OK in Chrome. It couldn’t be my all time favorite browser Firefox! Or could it?

I was trying to change a setting in LastPass, but it didn’t save in Firefox. It worked in Chrome and it Edge, but not Firefox. There was no ‘’Save’ in Firefox! So it was my Firefox!



I thought it must be a setting somewhere in Firefox to enable the option to seeing ‘Save’ but I couldn’t find it.

I was also having to use Chrome for Chat pages as the Chat windows in Firefox were so big that there was no way to submit a reply and no way to resize the window. Everything I found on Google searches or Bing searches to resize the window didn’t work. (So why wouldn’t I admit it was Firefox?)

I tried removing all the extensions in Firefox, that didn’t help. Resetting Firefox didn’t help. Somewhere there was a bit of corruption in Firefox, but where?

I bit the bullet and opened Revo Uninstaller Pro and uninstalled Firefox.

After I downloaded and reinstalled Firefox, all is well.

The cobwebs have been removed!