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RSS in Thunderbird

I like RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds. I can review the titles and decide whether or not I want to read the articles and go back later to read them again.

I have been using Windows Live Mail for RSS and it works quite well.

But WLM is old tech and may no longer be supported in the future. So I decided to try Thunderbird.  I already use Thunderbird for a Yahoo group.

I read most of my mail in Microsoft Outlook and I prefer Outlook for email, but not RSS. Thunderbird’s RSS feed is quite a bit different and took me a bit to get used to. BUT.. one thing I would never get used to and just may a deal breaker.

On some of the feeds when I clicked the subject to read the post, my browser would open to a blank screen with a one pixel only.

When I looked at the page source, all that was there was this:

<meta chartset=”utf-8″>
<title>Twitter Widget Log Helper</title>

I closed it and could read the body of the post, but this was really aggravating as it happened with every post!

I searched on Mozilla’s help site, but if there was an answer there I couldn’t find it. I searched with Google and with Bing. There were a lot of folks complaining about this,  but it was with browsers, not Thunderbird.

Several sites suggested adding Adblock Plus to Thunderbird, so I tried that, but I still got that blank page when I clicked a subject in a Thunderbird RSS feed.

Finally I found the answer on this site: MarkMail.

I went to Add-ons in Thunderbird, selection options in Adblock and created a filter that did the trick.

I added these two lines to the filter:


Now the post opens without that aggravating blank screen opening in Firefox!