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OneNote Annoyance (or Is It Windows?)

Sometimes a seemingly minor annoyance gets to be a major aggravation if a fix is not so easy for me to find.

Every time I opened OneNote, it only filled the screen halfway. I had to click the Maximize button to open it full screen.

I figured there must be a way to get it to open full screen but I couldn’t find any setting any where to make it open full screen.

Nothing in File/Options. I searched online, nothing very helpful, only folks wanting programs to not open full screen.

Since I have a subscription for Microsoft Office I decided to contact support for help and selected Chat. The agent first wanted my product ID, which I don’t have for subscription, so he asked for  my name, email, etc. and then when he decided he could help me, we went on to the problem. Of course he didn’t know I know how to minimize or maximize a program so we had to get through that.

Then he want me to let him access my computer to fix the problem. ‘No way, no one is in my computer but me’.

So he checked his ‘Resources’ and had me go to this link.

That’s all well and good, maybe for Windows 7, but it didn’t help me one bit. OneNote still opened half screen.

I tried the method shown here in tenforums:

It seemed to work at first, but still it didn’t keep very long, it still opened half screen.

Then I searched the Help in OneNote.

In Keyboard shortcuts in OneNote 2016 for Windows, I Found ‘Press F11 to enable disable full screen.

There is no F11 key on this Toshiba!

Need to press the Fn key while pressing the f key and 11 at the same time? Seems awkward, but will try it.

After all this it finally seems to be fixed as OneNote is now opening full screen. I hope it continues to do so!