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A Microsoft OneNote Mystery (for me)

I am really getting into Microsoft OneNote, included with Microsoft office 365. It is very handy and since I have the subscription for office, it is (almost) free for me.

There is a free version of OneNote, but the Office version seems to have more options.

I have quite a few Notebooks and I can access them from anywhere by logging into my Office account on the web.

OneNote can be enhanced with Macros. I wanted to alphabetize my notebooks and a Macro from Onetastic made it easy to sort all my notebooks. Since the notebooks are sorted in Alphabetical order, it’s easy to located the one I want.

At first I kept getting an error when I tried to sort:

I couldn’t find anyone else with this problem, so just poked around and decided to add back some notebooks I had removed, and now the sort worked.

However, I never seem to leave well enough alone and the sort has stopped working since I closed some Notebooks. Never mind, I have a work-around for sorting.

But the biggest mystery for OneNote was found when I was ‘sharing’ Notebooks on OneDrive. When I went to ‘File’, Invite People to this notebook, there was an option to ‘Can view’ with an email account I no longer use and haven’t used for a long time.

I couldn’t find those Parent folders and I couldn’t remove them. This was making me crazy!

Finally,  I went to OneDrive and poked around. Then I found it.

I clicked stop sharing, and now the mysterious Parent folders is gone.

But the mystery remains, how did they get there in the first place? Windows 10 is making me investigate stuff and I suppose that’s good. But I still wonder about why and how that email address was there.

I suspect this was some kind of setting migrated when I upgraded Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. Still I haven’t used that email address since before I got this computer, so that’s the real mystery for me.