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Change Your email address for a Yahoo Group

Yahoo seems to want to frustrate users. It was never really easy to change your email address for a Yahoo group for non technical folks. I suspect the reason for the difficulty was so users would just keep using the Yahoo email address used to set up the account.

There was a fairly easy way to set up a new address, but even then it was not so easy to find how.

The old way

But now it seems Yahoo wants to make users really hunt for the way to change or add an email address.

If you change your ISP and had your emails go to the old email address for that ISP, you probably would like to change the email address for your Groups.

I decided to see how the ‘new’ Yahoo would work. I logged in to my Yahoo  groups account and clicked Membership.

You would think you could add a new email address here, but no. It no longer works that way. And if you click the ‘Help’ button here, nothing happens or at least it didn’t do any thing for me.

After more searching I found the way to add or change an email address for my Yahoo groups.

Log in to your Yahoo account, click the Account  gear and then Account Info.

Next click Account Security

Here is where you can change your password, change/add email addresses and set up two step verification. (You really should setup two step verification!)

To change or add another email address, click the current email address.  Now you will see  a screen to add recovery email. You may need to scroll down to see this.

Note, if you only have one email address you will need to add the recovery before you can remove the old email.

Open your email and click the verify link to add the new email address to your account.

Actually, this really makes sense, but for users that have been around for a long time it is a big change.