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Why Does My Credit Union Want Me to Use Adobe Reader?

I don’t use Adobe anything. Too many security holes keep being discovered and I have enough to keep updated besides keeping track of updating all of the Adobe patches.

I have more than one PDF reader but my favorite one is PDF Exchange Editor by Tracker Software. It has always worked before to read my bank statement, but now it just doesn’t seem to work. When I clicked the link to view my statement I got this!

(Click to enlarge image)

No way! There has to be another option. I clicked the link to view the file and got this:

So I downloaded the file and this is what I got:

I right clicked on the file and selected Open With, but didn’t get much that way.

So I just opened PDF Exchange Editor and clicked Open and selected the file. I did have to change the .pdf to all files.



I now had my bank statement in a readable file and saved it as a PDF.

This might work with other PDF readers as well, but maybe not.

Most of the time there is always a work-around or a fix when problems arise with PCs.