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Scammers Never Quit

Today I changed my default browser to Chrome, but I may just change it back.

I was looking at Facebook and clicked on a link to one of those silly quiz sites. I don’t usually waste my time on them but this was a science quiz and I was a bit curious.

When I clicked the ‘Start Quiz’ button, all at once loud music started blaring, a BSOD screen in the background with this ugly message imposed over the BSOD:

All the time a loud voice was speaking the same message that appears in the screenshot, and I do mean LOUD!

The web-link:  (Click to enlarge)

I tried to copy and paste the web address, but everything was frozen. I had to go to Task Manager to close Chrome.

I re-opened Chrome to capture these screen shots and then re-closed Chrome again using Task Manager.

Next I used CCleaner to remove the cache and went back to Facebook to see if it happened again.

Nothing happened, but now I doubt I will click on any more links in Facebook.

Just goes to show, you can never be too paranoid.

This nasty piece of javascript was designed to scare folks into calling the toll free number so the scam folks can get money from unsuspecting users.

I can’t figure out how they did it,  everything was frozen so couldn’t look at any code.

I have AdBlock Plus on Chrome, so it evidently didn’t work for this nasty. We can’t let down our guard, who knows what they will try next!