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Going Back (From Windows 10)

There are a lot of reasons to restore your Windows 10 install to the previous versions of Windows. Maybe you just don’t like it or maybe something isn’t working right.

In my case, I wanted to get an older computer ready to donate. It would be easier to just restore it to the original state using the restore disks, but I wanted to test the procedure to see how it works, so I booted the computer and went to the Settings.

There I selected the Recovery option:

And ‘Go Back to Windows 8.1’:

Now Microsoft wanted to know why I want to go back, so I just told them I want to test the process. (True!)

Then Windows wants to make sure I know what will happen!

The process starts:

In less than 15 minutes the computer booted and now I have Windows 8.1 back.

At first I thought the process had failed, because I had forgotten I had put the new Windows 10 wallpaper on Windows 8.1, But a right click on This PC and selecting Properties let me know the process was successful.

So easy. Too bad the restoring back to the original state wasn’t so easy! Tons of updates for Vista took forever!